Custom Fabrication and Welding

Custom fabrication and welding involves a plethora of processes to form items, parts, products, buildings or other jobs based on client requirements. The job can involve something as simple as steel carts or aluminum stairs, or as big asmanufacturing equipment, steel architectural structure, or customized heavy duty vehicles.

If you’re looking for a custom fabrication and welding company, it’s not as easy as you may think. Any company can claim they could work on a custom job, but since not all of them use 80 types of fabrication and welding processes for their business, you still need a little research to find the perfect guys for the job.

Identify Your Needs

Fabrication and welding is so diverse that there is no single process suitable for all projects, except if you wanted to copy the specifications of an existing product. Before communicating with a fabrication and welding company, determine the type of welding process the project requires, such as gas metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, flux cored welding, or shielded metal arc welding.

Different factors could affect your decision when choosing a welding process. These include types of materials, thickness and size of materials, welding position, welding power source and current availability, your time requirements, budget and others. Once you’ve identified your needs for the project, it would be easier to look for a custom fabrication and welding company that specialize in the type of welding you need, such as welding 10-inch stainless steel to create custom pipes.

3 Things to Look for in a Custom Fabrication and Welding Company

Your goal when searching for a custom fabrication and welding company should be to hire one that can produce quality welded products based on your budget in the least amount of time. To ensure you hire the right people, they should have these three things:
  1. Certification– Whether you’re hiring a one-man welder or a custom fabrication and welding company, make sure they are certified by an official organization like the American Welding Society. AWS even has a database of certified welders you can use to check certification.

  2. Experience – All certified welders are already experienced in their craft since it takes at least 2 years of hands-on experience or completion of a degree before being allowed to take a certification exam. However, if you’re looking for a specific skill – such as aerospace welding or underwater welding – it is best to check their past work if they could handle your project requirements.

  3. Code of Standard – Each welding process has a corresponding code of standard, whether for building residential pipe parts to forming larger pieces for skyscrapers. Ask the custom fabrication and welding company if they are certified for a specific code your project entails to ensure they will work on it while meeting the standard.

Be as Specific as You Can

Once you find a custom fabrication and welding company, provide all the necessary details such as specifications, deadlines, and budget. Since it is a custom job and it’s more than likely that your project is unique, it is important to indicate all materials, fillers, welding process to use, finishing, and other specifications. This way, the custom work is done exactly how you wanted it fabricated and welded.

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