Fabrication and Welding Jobs

Fabrication and welding jobs are always available due to the high skill level required and high demand of workers around the world. Although salaries vary depending on individual experience and specialization, many people become interested in this career path due tohigh-salaryemployment opportunities in a wide range of industries.

Types of Jobs Available

Fabrication and welding jobs are in demand both locally and internationally. Employment opportunities are available in welding plants, construction companies, metal-working industries, and manufacturing industries, among others. In the United States alone, over 700,000 professionals focus on important industries like the military, energy production and transportation.

With new technologies being implemented in fabricating and welding applications, fabrication and welding jobs increase every year.The need for employees with significant technical skills, such as that of welders, is even expected to increase for up to 50% in the coming years.

Although companies hire welders based on the skills they need, such as “vehicle parts welder” or “kitchen equipment welder,” ads of fabrication and welding jobs would always indicate the specific welding process required. Generally, the most used types are TIG welding, MIG welding and shielded metal arc welding, even if newer techniques like laser are being used.

Overseas vs. Local Jobs

When looking for fabrication and welding jobs, you’ll be faced with a hundreds of opportunities locally and abroad, whether as a basic welder, supervisor, trainer, quality assurance officer or other specific welding careers. In terms of compensation, overseas welding jobs pay significantly higher to local jobs. However, the disadvantages of working far from your family, or living in an alien country can be a problem to some people.

Aside from the obvious cons of overseas work, fabrication and welding jobs in other countries can be very lucrative. To find these jobs, you have two options – get hired by a local company with international locations and ask to be re-assigned overseas after several months or a few years, or look for overseas welding jobs directly from international companies.

Be aware that like local jobs, companies from other countries also prefer welders and fabricators with welding certification and years of hands-on experience. You can obtain as many certifications (like welding safety certification, underwater welding, pipe welding certificate, etc.) as you like.

If you’re deciding between local and overseas work, the best advice you can take is to get as much experience you can from local welding jobs. When you have gained technical expertise in a particular welding field, seek overseas jobs so you can command higher pays.

Salary of Fabrication and Welding Jobs

Unlike other jobs, there is no one average salary for all welders. Different factors make up for the amount of pay welders can take home, including:
Of course, your ability to negotiate your wage can also help landing higher-paying jobs.

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